2020, what a tough year that was for us. A year on, a lot has changed. Some people have grown fat because of being indoors for too long with nothing much to do other than eat and watch TV. Some have grown thinner because the comfy life they knew of was halted. What we may probably have had in common is loss; of jobs, normalcy, loved ones (kindly let us observe a minute of silence in honour of those who have lost their loved ones… Thank you).

What a trying and stressful time for humankind.

But was it all gloom? I think there are some beautiful things that were birthed during the season and are still being birthed. People spending more time with their families, mother nature enjoying herself because there was little disruption from mankind. By the way, you should check out some of the photos when the world was on lockdown. Breathtaking.

I was watching Michael W. Smith’s rendition of Sinach’s, ‘way maker’ song. You know what makes this song amazing is the number of renditions done from it. Imagine over 60 artists have done performances or cover of a song that was released back in 2015. But it’s during the Covid-19 pandemic that the song got recognition globally.

By the way, let’s be clear, I am not in any way doing a music review here. But here is the catch, the song is from Nigeria, Africa. How cool is that? The other catch is, how often do artists from the West do cover songs from our motherland? What Sinach’s song did was to put Africa on the global Christian music map. It is a big deal when heavyweights like Michael W. Smith, Darlene Zschech, and Mandisa among others pick a song from Africa and perform it across the United States. Let’s not even get into the Jerusalema challenge frenzy. Africa has been shining people despite the odds.

To other beautiful things that happened in 2020, I for one decided to pursue writing. You know it still appals me that some people don’t regard writing as a job. Maybe because people don’t see the work that goes into it behind the scenes? Writing is a tough job. Putting words together then cross your fingers that whatever you’ve written sits well with your readers is no joke. This is why I appreciate each one of you for taking the time to read my blog every week.

To ensure I set out on the right foot, I did Bikozulu’s master class. If you want to be the best, then you simply learn from the best. We know the guy has a way with words and he is birthing others to follow in his footsteps. Biko, you made a girl believe she could, and so she did.

During the master class, I met great writers whom I continually learn from. Let me share with you two of them that have very interesting blogs. Githinji and Hafswa. Check out how these two swing their pens as well.

Four months into active writing and my heart leaps for joy. I have had the privilege of doing profile stories of great men and women (if there is a particular profile story that you would like me to do a follow up on, let me know. It’ll be great to know where these men and women are at since we featured them).

My desire and passion is to reach as many people as possible and tell their stories. Young startups hardly have the opportunity or platform to share their stories. I have hence made it my job to tell their stories.

I have received great feedback from the stories that have been brought to life so far. I appreciate even those who reach out to have their stories shared to encourage others or to let others learn from them.

Do you all remember the story of Duncan Mulewa? You can read it here if you haven’t. I recently contacted him to check if the surgery went well. When his family reached out to have his story told, they were not sure if the story would have any impact but it did. The story was shared and different family and friends reached out and supported Duncan. A follow up story on his progress will be coming out soon so stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know 2020 was a tough year and we are yet to recover from its ravaging shocks. Here is the thing, there is still so much to be grateful for. This may sound cliché but we need to individually take whatever lemons 2020 gave us and make sweet lemonades out of them.

Now, if you have a lemon story that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you and how you have turned it into a lemonade. Write to me at: info@mercymecreations.com


  1. Gratitude is key.

    Despite everything, if we truly reflect on our lives, we realize that there's a lot to be thankful for. Even for the simplest of things; things that we normally take for granted. Keep moving forward. Lessons were learnt, yes, however painful some may have been. But it doesn't help to keep sulking and feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's go and make that lemonade.

    Ooh and toast to the future!

    1. 🥂 To a brighter future

  2. Heeey ! This is beautiful..
    I love it
    And cheers to happy writing and reading

    1. Thank you Mercy.

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