Half an hour passed as he laid on the floor, his legs spread out like he was basking. His firstborn woke up and found him looking like a dead man. When he saw his child stealing glances at him, he picked himself up and walked up to his son. He gave him a hug. He had never hugged his son that tightly. They walked to the dining table and Steve whopped some breakfast for him. As his son was eating, they heard a loud cry from their children’s bedroom. His daughter had woken up. She had a way of seeking attention from her parents. He rushed to the bedroom and got her out of bed. She needed a diaper change. He took one from the closet by the window and changed her daughter’s diapers.

He walked back to the dining area with the little girl in his arms. There was some milk in the fridge which he took out, put in a sufuria, and warmed, and fed the baby.

There are things that can beat a man down. Top on that list is being reduced to a worthless man. That’s what his wife had made him feel like. From name-calling to deserting him in his hour of need was not just painful but demeaning to Steve.

As soon as he fed the kids, he picked up his phone, about to call his mother, when Wanja called him. He needed someone to come and help him with the kids as he figured things out. Wanja had called to ask if she could pass by and say hello since she was in his neighbourhood. When she got to his house, Steve could barely hide his painful tears as narrated what had happened. They both agreed his mother was the best option for him, as he had two upcoming interviews. He rang his mother and requested her to come over immediately. As usual, a mother has to overthink anything that comes from her child. Steve’s mother went on and on with endless questions. He assured her she would get answers once she got to the house. 

Wanja kept Steve company until his mother arrived in the evening. She had packed a bag like someone on a mission. She was on a mission alright based on what her son had told her. “Ma, pack a few clothes. I need you to stay with the kids for a few days. I will explain everything when you get here,” he had said to her.  

Fast forward, Steve got another job just when he had given up on his search. He also met another lady, Laura, through a mutual friend. He introduced her to her kids after a few months of going out. His daughter was almost a year old. Laura had a daughter from her previous relationship, and she loved Steve’s kids. They moved in together. It was no brainer that Steve and Laura loved their blended family.

It had been about two years since Steve and Laura started living together. Laura was six months pregnant with their child. They would soon have a little one of their own.

As Steve narrated his story, his phone rang. He almost dropped it when he saw a number that looked so familiar. It was his first wife. He asked me whether to pick up. But before I could answer him, he answered the call.

“I am sorry Steve. Please, I want to come back. Please forgive me,” she told him.

I excused Steve and stepped aside to congratulate the engaged couple. A few months after our friend’s engagement, I called Wanja to check if she had been in touch with Steve. From what she told me, his wife had run off with a mzungu who had promised to marry her and get her citizenship in the United States. But the mzungu was a con.

The mzungu preyed on women and lured them into spending their money on him. He eyed the wealthy-looking women who seemed to be enticed by white men. He had come into the country as a tourist. When his visa expired, he thought of getting into the coning business as a means of livelihood. He knew no one would suspect him because he was white. So he milked any woman off her money who fell into his trap. He was a smooth talker who targeted gullible women, black women mostly. The mzungu would act like a visiting tourist who was planning ongoing back to his home country.

Steve’s wife was the mzungu’s fourth culprit. For the two years they had been together, the mzungu swindled Steve’s wife money then took off. He was into his next conquest. Steve refused to take his first wife back, but allowed her to see the kids once a week. Steve couldn’t deny her to see her children and they agreed she would not interfere with his new family. Laura gave birth to a son months later, and their blended family was even more joyous. Steve’s first wife is hopeful of finding love again.

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