May I just begin by appreciating and celebrating every woman for it takes courage to be one! I may not know what it’s like to be a man since I am not one but I sure do know that women are the most blessed of all God’s creation. Women have been naturally graced, wired, and endowed with greatness despite their unending challenges especially reproductive ones. The following is a story of how I battled with endometriosis and my testament of how gracious the Lord has been.

Every woman desires to live a stress-free life; no health complications, just be happy, happy, happy. As a young girl growing up, all I wanted was to grow up, go to campus study Communication, start earning, get married someday, and have a family. But things don’t always go as we hope they would.

In my teenage years when I started my monthly periods, everything was ok as far as I was concerned. Year in, year out, I experienced slightly heavy periods but I thought that was normal so I never shared with anyone. But later as a young lady in my twenties, the situation got worse when during that time of the month, I would wake up and realise my bed was wet.

It was after several similar incidences, that one fateful day I decided to have a check-up at the hospital and was told I had anaemia. The doctor further questioned me about my menses. It was then that he concluded that the anaemia may have been as a result of the menses. He further advised I visit a gynaecologist for more specialised treatment.

I was a student by then (2013) at the University of Nairobi when I started experiencing very unbearable abdominal pains. I could not wear high heels, I could not walk or stand for long hours. Sitting and sleeping required me to be well-positioned. All this time, I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone what was happening. But one day, I decided to talk to my elder sisters (whom I am forever indebted to) because I could not stand the pain anymore.

Every day I would lock the door, lie on the floor and cry for hours because the pain was too much. The kind of pain that I would not wish even on my worst enemy! So, I gathered up courage and shared with my sisters and they quickly put some money together and got me a medical cover.

In 2014, I visited a gynaecologist. Several tests showed that it was endometriosis. I didn’t even know what that condition was about (I searched for materials on Google and read about it). My heart was torn beyond words when I was told that this condition could even lead to infertility. I went back home, locked the door behind me, and fell on my knees, and cried. I knew this had to take divine intervention and so I earnestly asked God to heal me.

I was put on medication immediately and every month for one year, I would go for progress checkups. I continued trusting God even as I remained on medication. Believe it or not, after one year, I noticed a change in my body. The pains had gradually lessened. I decided to have a second opinion from another dakatari who confirmed that all was well. I also went back to my doctor and she told me that indeed all was well.

I can’t quite explain how I got healed, all I know is that, by sharing my problem, I was able to get financial help from my sisters, got a good gyno, and allowed God to intervene. Two and a half years later, I am perfectly healthy, my uterus is ok and oh yes, I am rocking my heels and wedges. Ladies, don’t suffer in silence, confide in someone because your health is important because you carry generations within you.

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