Alex was busy going about his evening when he suddenly saw two men approaching him. He was out strolling with Tiger, his dog. Yes, some dogs have cat family names. Tiger sensing the strangers talking to his master in an unfriendly tone started barking. One of the men who was slightly built hit the dog with what Alex thought was a whip. But Tiger being Tiger pounced on the man sending him to the ground. His partner got hold of Alex and handcuffed him. It was then that Alex realised the two men were cops. Alex restrained Tiger and the man got up.

The three men accompanied by the dog walked to the police station that was about half a kilometer away. As they walked to the station, Alex asked the cops what he had done. None of them answered him. When they got to the station, they took off the handcuffs and led him to a room or what they called the interrogation room.

“I am inspector Ondiek and this is Mwasi”, Ondiek began. “Listen up, we are not interested in you. We just want to know where this thug is”, Ondiek took several photos from a brown envelope in his hand and placed them on the dusty table. Mwasi was holding a newspaper. He opened to page 20 and placed it on the table too.

Tiger was lying on the floor next to his master’s feet as if waiting for the instruction to attack any of the men should they try to harass him again. Alex examined the photos placed in front of him; of a bearded man with protruding jaws and big eyes that seemed to see tomorrow. He had no idea who the man was. He then turned to examine the newspaper next to the photos. His jaw dropped when he saw a photo of himself alongside two other guys on the page that Inspector Mwasi had opened.

“Hold up officers. I am not a criminal. Whoever published this… I am not a thug. Do I look like one?” Alex flinched his fists as he tried to explain himself.

The caption on the photos in the newspaper read, ‘MOST WANTED!’

“I am not a criminal. Who would want to cause me this kind of pain? My wife and I run two retail shops. That’s all we do. We are hardworking, law-abiding citizens”, he continued.

The two inspectors looked at Alex but didn’t say a word. Alex took another look at the newspaper. He was checking for the date of publication. He tried to remember what date it was and it was then that he realised that the publication was a week old. He wasn’t the kind of guy that read newspapers otherwise, he would have seen he was wanted for a crime he didn’t know of.

The inspectors asked Alex a series of questions none of which he knew the answers to. He requested they let him take his dog home and surprisingly, they agreed. They however warned him against going out of town. They already knew where he lived so there was no chance for him to escape anyways.

On his way home, Alex passed by a shop that sold old newspapers and requested for that same paper Inspector Mwasi had shown him at the station. He bought it and ran home eager to show his wife how someone somewhere was messing up his life.

When he got home, his wife had not yet closed the shops. So he rushed to her shop which is a few metres from their apartment. Susan was attending to customers when Alex walked into the shop. He excused himself and went to their other shop not too far from the first. It was about 7:30 pm when Alex found his younger brother Paul almost closing up. Paul occasionally manned the shop when Alex or his wife were not available. As soon as Paul closed the shop, Alex showed him page 20 of the newspaper he was still holding.

“This was published a week ago. Might you know who would want to do this to me? Or do I have a twin brother somewhere out there that I don’t know of? I was at the police station for questioning about things I don’t even know.”

“Bro, I am not sure. But your wife might have a hand in this.”

The two brothers were standing outside the shop. Alex’s hands were shaking, beads of sweat started running down his face. He wasn’t sure he heard his brother right.

“Whatever you do, don’t let your wife know that you know about this or that you were questioned at the police station. I think I know something. We can’t talk here. Let’s meet at our usual joint I’ll explain.”

“You go ahead. Let me meet you there in half an hour. I need to take Tiger home and ensure Susan closes the shop and heads home then I come.”

Alex walked back to his wife’s shop as fast as he could she was just locking the door when he arrived. He tried to put on a poker face. He waited for her. They walked home in silence. As soon as he fed Tiger, he left the house. Susan didn’t even bother to ask where he was going.

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