If you knew your end was coming, I am sure you’d want to get your life together before the final curtain draws on you. But no one really knows when and how they’ll kick the bucket. So we keep our fingers crossed. As we go through life, we hope that when that day comes; we are found ready. But one night, as you are sleeping, you hear a voice telling you to get your act together because your days are numbered. You feel a sudden numbing from your torso to your feet. You wake up in the morning a little shaken with your heart in your mouth, but carry on with your day as if nothing happened. Why not if you have everything working out for you; a perfect job with a good salary, a perfect girlfriend, and perfect family and friends. 

Unfortunately, some people take too long to realise that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. There are no perfect jobs or people. Nothing is ever cast on stone because change must happen. It is inevitable. 

Tim, not his real name, was the ‘it’ guy. The perfect guy, according to his brother. He had the perfect job, perfect house, friends, and a girlfriend to die for. But when perfection got to his head, that was the beginning of his end. 

We all know that one person who is often admired among his or her peers because of their good looks or because they come from a wealthy family. They are like the only bean in a githeri. So popular yet elusive. The only people who can keep up with them or their lifestyle are those that sail in the same boat. If you are not the ‘it’ guy, then you just have to beat it.

Tim was the last born among his four adopted siblings. Their adopted mother had been childless for years. As a wealthy woman with no husband and no one to look after her properties, mama Tim thought adopting some children would cover her shame; the shame of being childless. She caved in to society’s demand to have a kin. Of the four children, Tim was her North Star. A very handsome boy loved by many, including his mother’s relatives. 

As years went by, mama Tim got older and one day she succumbed to severe malaria. This was the beginning of Tim’s end. He was in college then. His other siblings- two sisters and one brother- had cleared school and were already working. His two sisters got married and Tim moved in with his brother. Unfortunately for Tim and his siblings, their mother’s siblings took over all her properties after she died. But lucky for Tim, he was their beloved. They supported him through his college years and they helped him get a job at a leading five-star hotel. 

Opportunity after opportunity knocked at his door, and he rose in ranks. He soon started living life in the fast lane. His wardrobe changed, he changed friends, and he became a darling of many because his pockets were never empty. He then met a girl, and he loved her deeply, perhaps more than he loved himself. After a few months of dating, she got pregnant. 

Tim’s brother was not in a stable job and they decided to still live together until he could be on his feet. They, however, moved to a bigger house. After all, Tim could afford it. He also wanted to have his privacy, especially when his girlfriend visited.  

One evening as he came from work, one of his colleagues who was also his neighbour invited Tim for drinks. He agreed. He wasn’t a heavy drinker, but soon this friend influenced him to become one. They would go out for drinks every other night. What started out as casual drinking became a serious affair that soon injured his life. The bottle became an addiction that Tim tried to fight so hard but it knocked him down each time. 

Tim received several warning letters from the department’s manager, albeit he was ranked just lower than him. If he hadn’t shown up to work drunk, he would be late, and other days he was no show because of a severe hangover. Despite the warning letters, he kept drinking and partying. 

Tim’s girlfriend was rushed to the hospital for delivery, but Tim was too drunk to go to the hospital. His girlfriend’s parents paid the hospital bill and when she was discharged, she stayed with her parents. She and Tim had agreed that she would move in once she gave birth, but that never materialised.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, but Tim showed no sign of improvement. His girlfriend broke up with him but allowed him to visit his son whenever he wanted, no, if he wanted to. He was terminated from his job and his only hope was his brother. Sooner rather than later, he and his brother moved back to a smaller house. His brother got him into rehab, but Tim ran away after two days. 

There is nothing more painful than a sibling to watch his sibling waste away. And with every effort they make to get you to get them help, they end up disappointed. This kind of rejection is like being spat on the face. We have not been wired to give up on our own blood. But our lack of appreciation and rebellion can push those who love us to their limits.

Tim’s brother got engaged and would have married his longtime girlfriend in a few months. But he didn’t want to leave his brother alone. Tim started stealing stuff in their house; utensils, clothes, and any money that lie around idle. He was broke and he needed to drink. He sold anything his hands could find. It took his brother some time to realise that there were things that were missing in the house. When he discovered what his brother had been doing, he took him back to their mother’s village. 

The beloved became rejected because even the villagers wanted nothing to do with him. His friends had deserted him because he had no money. His brother had also given up on him. This pushed Tim into depression and he drank all the more. He would piss on his pants and stay for days without a shower. His handsomeness was down the drain. By this time, his girlfriend had met someone else and got married. His brother and sisters had also moved on with their lives. 

One evening after he had come from his drinking spree, Tim came across a rope that hang on a tree. A rope that the village kids played with. He took a hold of it, tightened it a little more to the tree, climbed the tree, put the rope around his neck, and hanged himself. 

The following day, as the village kids were out playing, one of them was heard screaming and the others ran to him. They were met with a body of a man dangling from their playing rope. When they inspected him, they noticed it was Tim, and they all ran back to his mother’s relatives. Two men came to the scene and untied the body from rope and took it home. Distraught by what had happened, Tim’s aunt asked the men to dig a hole at the farm a few metres from their hut and bury Tim. 

Tim’s siblings heard about the death of their brother months later. Tim’s brother could not believe that his brother was dead. He has since not stopped blaming himself for his death and, even worse, that he could have probably helped him and he would still be alive.

Gang, whatever happens, family will always be family. It’s difficult to put up with some of our relatives, but they are our family. 

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