“What should we do with the body?” they asked each other, shock etched on their faces. A sudden numbing fear like no other engulfed them as they stood at the back of the building. The guy still laid on the ground by the steps that led to the building’s basement. They looked at each other with their hearts in their mouths. They needed an escape plan fast.

They remained glued to the ground, agonized by what had happened. Suddenly, they heard some noise. Some sort of commotion from the other end of the building. There must have been a cat or some kind of animal that was running through the litter bins on the other end of the building. But they thought someone was watching them. They both ran towards where the noise was coming from and a man was peeping through the dark alley. When he saw them running towards him, he took off.

“Do you think he saw us?” Sheila asked Melissa as she leaned over to pick up something on the ground. It was a grey scarf that had fallen as the stranger ran away.

“We are screwed if he did. Let’s get out of here now!”

“Agreed. I saw a small opening at the back. I think we should go and push him in there. But he is too heavy. Either way, we must muscle him in there then be on our way.”

“Oh my God, Sheila!” Melissa exclaimed her feet barely supporting her body. “I am scared. Too scared.”

“Let’s not fret”, Sheila said to her.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! We need to leave before someone finds us here. Sheila, now!” Melissa blasted. Sheila called for a cab which arrived shortly then they left.

Sheila and Melissa had been roommates throughout their college years. On the last night before their graduation, Melissa thought of making a move on Jason.

1 AM
At the last party before graduation, the revellers seemed to be enjoying the music and the drinks. Shawn felt a sudden urge to pee. But he was too drunk to find his way to the restroom. He instead walked out and went to the back of the building. It looked like a club with all the flashing lights from the inside and with the deafening music. Shawn turned to the wall and started peeing. As he peed, he saw a girl at the corner. He quickly finished his business and zipped his dangling carrot back in his pants. He walked up to her and introduced himself. But the girl was not interested at first. She was crying.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Shawn asked her.

“Leave me alone!” Melissa said.

“Hey, are you ok? Why are you out here alone?”

“I am sorry. I am just not having the time of my life. A guy I really like has his eyes on my friend. But I don’t want my friend to know that I also like him. I just wish Jason liked me. He is dancing right now with my friend. I know it’s messed up.”

“It’s ok. How about you and I make the most of the night. We could… you know…” Shawn teased Melissa as he pushed back the hair on Melissa’s forehead.

“Thanks but I think I want to be alone. And besides, you are too drunk for my taste.”

“I could get you a drink to get you in the mood. What do you say?” Shawn said as he tried to kiss Melissa, but she pushed him away. Agitated by her, he pulled her hand, slapped her and pinned her to the wall. He started to kiss her and tried to unzip her pants. Melissa tried to fight him but he was too strong. She tried to scream and call out for help but her voice got buried in the loud music.

Suddenly a guy walked out to smoke and saw Shawn and Melissa in the dark alley. He ignored them because he thought they were having fun away from the crowd inside. He took a few more puffs then went back in.

Back at the party, Sheila noticed that she hadn’t seen Melissa and she decided to look for her. Sheila looked around but couldn’t find her. She thought that maybe Melissa had gone outside for some air because it’s what she liked to do when they would be in crowded places. Sheila grabbed her coat by the door and walked out. She threw glances back and forth but couldn’t see Melissa. ‘She’s a big girl she thought to herself.

As Sheila turned to go back in, she heard a moan from a distance. She stopped and listened again. The music was too loud, but she swore she had heard some sort of noise. She walked a few metres from the entrance and decided to figure where that voice had come from. As she looked through the dark as if to locate where the moan was hiding, she heard it again, this time slightly louder.

She ran towards the back of the building and saw a man force himself on a girl. She moved closer to have a better look. It was her friend Melissa! But it didn’t seem like she wanted that guy to touch her. She knew her friend too well and what she saw didn’t seem consensual. Sheila immediately snapped and thought of what she could do. She saw a log that was on the nearby bush and picked it up. She slowly walked behind the fat guy and hit him so hard, sending him to the ground.

It wasn’t clear to her if the guy was dead or if he had just passed out. All that Sheila knew was that her friend was in trouble and she needed to step in. she had to get her friend out of that situation before that guy could do anything to her.

Melissa’s red blouse was on the ground. She still had her bra on though it was torn enough to expose her breasts. Sheila picked up the blouse from the ground and motioned Melissa to put it on. She then removed her coat and covered her.

“Are you ok?” Sheila asked.

“Yeah. Thank you. If you hadn’t come out to find me, he would have probably raped me.” Melissa sobbed as she held her friend’s hand.

1.30 AM
The same guy who had walked out to smoke a while ago had been out again smoking. He saw what Sheila had done and when he saw them ran after him, he took off.

Sheila and Melissa were distraught by how the night had turned out. This was not how they had planned to exit their college life. The cab arrived and they both got in and left.

2.30 AM
Jason looked around for Sheila because he wanted to finally tell her that he liked her. But he also realized that he hadn’t seen his brother Shawn. He was too drunk the last time he had seen him. Jason embarked on a search for his brother and Sheila.

Sheila heard her phone stashed in her pocket, ring. It was Jason.

“Hey, Jason. Sorry I had to leave. My friend started feeling crappy so we had to leave. Let’s talk later.”

“Hey, Sheila. My brother just died! He was found in a pool of blood by someone at the back of the building. Sheila, I know the timing is unlikely but I also wanted to tell you that I love you.”

The timing was definitely unlikely. A man was dead. The killer and his accomplice had fled the scene. But there was a witness, a stranger who had also fled the scene.

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