The boys are gearing up for the big match. With just an hour to the kick-off, they notice Otieno is not as excited as the rest of the gang. Njuguna, his bestie stands next to him and asks what is bugging him. Otieno tells his boys that it is his girlfriend’s birthday and he has forgotten about it. His guilt wouldn’t let him enjoy the long-awaited match.

Opiyo unable to hide his disappointment, lashes out at him, “why should a man beat himself up for having forgotten a stupid birthday?” Opiyo has always been the feisty one among the boys, he easily speaks his mind, though sometimes, carelessly. Onyi and Kamaa know how to put him back to his place but not today.

Kamaa is that guy who always has a solution to almost everything. He knows exactly what Otieno needs.

“Guys, calm down. No need to panic. I know what we can do to help out our big man. You all remember my surprise engagement to Nana last month? My sister has a friend by the name Sarah Wanjiru who sells classy jewellery made of pure brass. I checked her products on Instagram I was blown away. I contacted her for delivery and since the engagement, Nana has become a regular customer”.

Kamaa had taken photos of Nana rocking the brass jewellery- earrings, a necklace, and a ring and showed the gang. The boys agreed that would be a perfect gift to surprise Otieno’s girlfriend.

Kamaa rang Sarah who made the delivery within the hour. 

So now, that this is sorted, the boys headed out to their favourite joint and enjoyed the match which by the way, saw Manchester United humbled by Man City

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