Duncan sat at the shoreline and watched as the orange sun slowly exited over the horizon. He had been there for hours, lost in deep thoughts, unaware of how cold it was getting. His whole body was covered in goosebumps as the evening cold smote him. He had zoned out oblivious of the fact that he would soon be the moon’s only audience.

He always loved the evening walks on the beach, getting lost in nature’s wonder. He enjoyed watching the hills compete to dazzle anyone who cared to pay them attention. He got captivated as the trees clapped at the tune of the wind, as the birds burst into songs and meticulously created a sweet melody that his heart knew too well.

The cold breeze caressed his head and neck as he looked yonder to the moon-kissed sea. There was a deep longing in his heart, a heart that needed much more than oxygen to keep it pounding. He tried to recollect himself and head back home, but he couldn’t move. And so, he stayed on.

Life was slightly bearable when he just had diabetes to deal with. Since his childhood, he knew this was his bed to lie on. He took the injection shots and meds methodically, for he had mastered the timing for each. Now at 34 years, his life hangs on a line.

In 2019, he quit his job as a marketer with Faulu Bank, Ukunda, Mombasa after he developed health complications. It was a tough inevitable decision. He experienced other health issues (hypertension) that saw him in and out of the hospital. Test after test, none of them revealed why he couldn’t sit or walk for long hours, why he felt so weak, or why he was unable to lift anything heavy.

He moved from hospital to hospital in search of answers. His last resort was the Mater Hospital, Nairobi. He came to the hospital and what followed were a series of tests that finally unveiled his underlying condition. His kidneys were in bad shape and a transplant was the only way out. He however needed to raise a sum of almost two million Kenya shillings.

As with any human being, such news can tear one apart. But he consoled himself with the fact that at least he finally knew what the problem was. But where would he get that kind of money from? He was jobless. He had a young family- a wife and a three-month-old infant to take care of, but couldn’t. He depended on his wife (bless her) to hold the family’s fort until he got better. He never imagined this was what his life had come to be.

A year earlier he moved back in with his parents in their home in Ukunda. This was to ease the care burden on his then-pregnant wife who works in Nairobi as a hotelier (a wife he is forever indebted to for stepping up to be the mother and father of their young family).

Duncan stood up, made a second attempt to exit the seashore, and like the first time, he couldn’t and so, he stayed on. He gently sat down and waited. He made a third attempt, and this time, his feet moved and he started walking home.

He needed to get home and rest. He had a dialysis session the following day. Mater Hospital had referred him to Diani Beach Hospital for his dialysis twice a week at an amount of Kes. 9,500/per session. His parents graciously stepped in to support their son but even with the little they had, they were quickly running out of funds.

Duncan stopped, took another look at the moon-kissed sea and his heart rejoiced. He believed that there was a better tomorrow for him; a tomorrow that would see him back on his feet, stronger, and healthier, a tomorrow that will have him as the provider for his young family. He beckoned the heavens to be a witness to his solemn prayer for his tomorrow.

Duncan Charo Mulewa is hoping to have a kidney transplant end of January 2021.

To support him and his family raise the 1.7 million Kenya shillings, kindly send your support to: Paybill number- 8019867 Account number- 1280832088.

Every little is much.

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  1. All we can say, is to continue with prayers, that our God in heaven, will prompt each and everyone who is and has read this article, to come to the aid of Duncan, a family he is, and I know through our God nothing is impossible. It shall be well Duncan aka Boii....we love you, but God loves more, than you can ever imagine.

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