Who can fathom the mystery of seasons? Going through the seasons of life is like reading an intriguing book. The only way to know how the story ends is simply by reading the book till the end. The end of every chapter is the beginning of another. So unless you go through each chapter, you may not understand the storyline and thus fail to appreciate the author. The same can be said with seasons. We can only appreciate our mountains if we have been through the valleys.

No one may have the same experience in any given season, this is why our stories are different. One person may be getting married at 23 while another at 45. Whereas both may have been in the same waiting room, but the latter was obviously there longer than the former. And such is life.

I received a very encouraging call this past weekend. A friend had called to let me know about a season in her life. She had gotten a job after about 21 months of searching. I could tell from the tone of her excitement, that this had been a long time coming for her. She had been sending her CV from one organization to the other.

A few invited her for an interview. But shortly after, she received regret emails. While others never got back to her. It would be nice if organizations had the courtesy to let someone know they didn’t make the cut and possibly point out why. This may help someone work on areas they need to improve on and thus better their chance of securing a job sooner.

The days and nights were long as she stayed up late looking through job sites and applied for anything she could find. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Nothing was forthcoming. She had tried her hands in business and also looked for jobs she could volunteer her time.

The thing about looking for a job is that finding one is already a job. It’s especially hard when someone has been out of employment for some time. It gets even harder to explain to a potential employer why you have been out of employment for a given period.

A few months ago, my friend was surprised to receive an interview invitation from one of the organizations she had sent her CV to. You know those jobs you apply for then forget about them because you are too occupied with sending your CV all over? She couldn’t even remember when she had applied for that particular job. But her day had come unbeknownst to her.

She attended about four interviews sessions with the organization and later on, she was given an offer letter. The offer actually, exceeded her expectations. She humbly accepted the offer and signed a contract to that effect.

So I asked Fanaka Naserian (one of my staunch blog followers) if I could share her encouraging story with the rest of you. She gave me a resounding yes. Reading this short story today is not a mere coincidence. Especially for those who are in the waiting room. Waiting for your day to come. Fanaka wants you to know that that day is surely coming. You just need to hold on.

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