On Valentine’s Day eve, I asked people on Facebook to kiss. Yes KISS; Keep It Simply Simple.

On Monday morning, a day after Valentine’s, I woke up to a pleasant surprise message. “Hey, would you be interested to know how we kissed? You asked people to kiss, kiss we did”, the message read.

I responded, “yes sure. What time is best for us to talk?”

Later that day, I was on a video call with Collo. He said that was his name. I tried to figure if that was short for Collins or something. But he stuck with Collo. So Collo it was. It didn’t matter if he chose to go with Collo but if they kissed I wanted to know why and how they did it.

He wore glasses, not the kind that protect your eyes from scorching sun, reading glasses. He smiled a lot. I was eager to know why. Was the kiss that good or was Collo naturally a smiley guy?

“My wife Joy and I have been married for two years. We have a six-month old son. You know lately she has been too grumpy. Always feeling tired. Bored. Lifeless. I honestly was giving up. I didn’t know how to cheer her up. I understand being a mother can be a little overwhelming especially for a first time mum.”

As we spoke, Collo kept gazing to his left.

“Is that a puppy over there? I tried to be funny.

“Hahaha… No, it’s my son. I am baby sitting as Joy naps a while.”

“That’s really thoughtful of you.”

“You know when I read your post on Facebook, I sat down and thought long and hard about how I could make this Valentine’s special for my wife. What you posted made sense to me. I don’t need to have millions to make it special for her. Little is much when it comes from the heart. We had to scale down our expenditure due to the pandemic. Both our salaries were cut and we are thankful to still have jobs. So, scaling down meant making sacrifices such as letting our house help go and moving to a smaller house. Joy stepped in to do all the housework despite the fact that she is still working from home. I also work from home but just two days a week.”

I listened to Collo and I tried to picture his wife running up and down. I imagined her waking up too early to do all the chores, then sit and do her office work before her son wakes up. Then receive endless calls (from her procurement manager) to send documents or work on others that need to be updated or signed off. Some procurement guys are always on the move. If it’s not phone calls, then its tons of paper work for consignments. I then pictured her at the end of a day, she surely must feel too overwhelmed. Who would blame her?

“Your wife must be…”


“I was going to say special.”

“She was worn out and I barely noticed. That post was a “slap” on my face. I can’t let my wife bear all the work alone. I hardly helped around. She was slowly dying inside, in silence. She never complained. Which is why I needed to snap out of it”

That Saturday evening, Collo sat his wife down and apologised for not being there for her, for not helping around atleast with their son. His wife broke down and confessed that she didn’t know how she was going to tell him that she needed help. She was barely holding on. She didn’t want to sound like a nagging wife.

On Valentine’s Day, Collo had a plan on how they’d kiss. He woke up very early, prepared breakfast for his wife, cleaned the house and dishes. He later called up his sister and asked her to come baby sit their son.

They spent that day alone at a hotel Collo could afford. They enjoyed lunch together. It was time to redefine their relationship goals. Collo committed to helping more in the house while Joy committed to be vocal about issues, good or bad.

That night when they got home, the baby was well fed and asleep. Never underestimate the power of a well-rested woman. Collo said it had been a while since his wife came onto him. Something he wanted, that she, from time to time, initiates the flame in their bedroom. If a restful day was the magic to it, then he was sure going to help her out a lot more.

“Thank you for “slapping” me on my face.”

“This is all you Collo, I am just a writer. You chose to KISS and look at what you got in return? Keep that flame ablaze man.”

“You can bet that I will.”

Guys, you have no idea how such stories bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes, we writers spend time doing what we love, write, and we are written off by people who wonder how writing can be a job. If a simple post on Facebook can turn the tides of a man and his wife, then I live for such days.

Sometimes, no, many times we think that love is complicated when it actually isn’t. If we can just but kiss, maybe things would be different for many people. Simplicity is King. Try kissing sometimes, will you?

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